EMC Isilon Building Blocks – Software Innovations with EMC Isilon OneFS

Suresh Sathyamurthy

Suresh Sathyamurthy

Sr. Director, Product Marketing & Communications

As a part of our ongoing EMC Isilon building blocks blog series, I want to share my thoughts on EMC Isilon OneFS and why it is still the unparalleled file storage platform available in the market.

IT admins tell me that there is an increasing need for agility and that they need to respond at the speed of business. With the increased deployments of workloads like Cloud, Mobility, Big Data Analytics, and Social, quite often the needs of business change on a dime and IT admins scramble to meet the increasing demands with the limited resources at their disposal. Sounds familiar?

The key to breaking through these challenges lies in the ability to rapidly yet flexibly deliver services via software and not be burdened with slower, cumbersome provisioning of hardware resources.  It isn’t just the cost of buying storage – there is also the increasing cost of deploying and managing the storage!

So, now the big question is where does EMC Isilon fit in all of this?

Isilon storage systems depend on just commodity hardware resources like CPU, Memory, NVRAM, Storage, Infiniband, and Ethernet connectivity. I am sure you are now wondering where is all the innovation then? The seventh-generation OneFS software capabilities of data management and data protection define the Scale-out NAS architecture of Isilon storage. A single file system is comprised of a single volume and can scale up to 20PB while policy-driven, software-enabled automation simplifies day-to-day administration. You can start a file system, as low as 18TB, with 3 nodes and provision capacity as you need by adding nodes in under a minute! All this is done transparent to the end user. Yes, it’s that simple! And, don’t forget that we have one of the highest levels of storage utilization with upwards of 80%. Efficiency of storage utilization and software-enabled technologies like deduplication enable you to store more file data in a single cluster.  Storing data is one thing but you need software that can efficiently and effectively replicate it, back it up, protect it, secure it, report on it, and analyze it. We do all that in software – and more!

OneFS Blog

Flexibility with file storage on Isilon is enhanced with multi-protocol data access which I will talk more about in the upcoming blogs. All this is driven by innovations in software as we continue to add more capabilities.

These are exciting times in storing, accessing, retrieving, and managing files at Petabyte scale and Isilon is at the forefront of this! Are you ready to Scale-out with us? Watch this space for more on Scale-Out NAS Architecture next week. And don’t forget to attend the EMC Isilon Keynote at EMC World to see how these blocks come together to deliver business value.

EMC Isilon Building Blocks- An Overview

Suresh Sathyamurthy

Suresh Sathyamurthy

Sr. Director, Product Marketing & Communications

It’s that time again – EMC World 2014 is just around the corner! EMC World is one of the most forward-looking conferences in the industry. IT stars, hands-on product demos, hundreds of technical sessions on every nuance of IT life, networking galore – whatever your IT or business role, you’ll find yourself at EMC World. I am very excited about what EMC Isilon has in store for you this May.

In product marketing, we use a concept called “building blocks”.  The building blocks are the core technology on which new capabilities and features are built to provide a complete solution for our customers.

Our core building blocks include an ingenious scalable single volume file system, an architecture that scales-out and grows as your data grows, a  multi-protocol big data lake and enterprise grade features that you have come to expect to protect, secure and manage your data.  

New features are added to the core technology in response to customer demands. You heard it right! We periodically REDEFINE our products.  The goal from our point of view is to provide a solid, cost-effective unstructured data storage solution that meets a variety of business needs. The net effect is an evolving, improving set of products that fill an ever-increasing set of demands. 

So, what’s all this have to do with EMC World?  Understanding our “building blocks” would be a great way for new customers to learn about EMC Isilon and for our existing customers to review them in preparation for the event. In fact I’ll bet that we already have some features and capabilities you haven’t discovered yet! For the next few weeks we will be writing in more detail about some of the pieces of our current “building blocks”, including:

  • OneFS operating system
  • Scale-Out NAS Architecture
  • Big Data / Data Lake on Isilon
  • Enterprise Grade Features

And to see how all these blocks come together to drive business value; come join our President, Bill Richter, on May 7th at the EMC Isilon Keynote. So register for EMC World here, sign up for this blog’s notifications, or keep checking back, and prepare for the excitement of this year’s EMC World!

Celebrating 10 Years At Next Week’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show!

Sam Grocott

Sam Grocott

VP of Product Management & Marketing

It’s hard to believe, but next week marks my 10th anniversary of attending NAB. My first show was back in 2004 as Isilon was launching our first solutions for the Media & Entertainment (M&E) Industry. Although the number of verticals that Isilon has a strong presence in has expanded tremendously over the years, our M&E customers continue to be a significant part of our business, and will always have a special place in my heart as Isilon’s first customers.

This is an exciting time to be involved in the M&E industry as the fundamental way that media customers view their favorite TV shows and movies is changing. Over The Top (OTT) video services have seen tremendous growth in the past few years and industry analysts are projecting that growth trend to continue over the next several years. The industry vision of delivering TV Everywhere is also growing rapidly with the emergence of connected devices such as smartphones, tablets or Internet-connected video gaming systems.

When I think about gaming, Microsoft’s Xbox is what comes to mind because I’m a huge gamer (or used to be before kids came along!), and I have an Xbox at home. Microsoft has made it their goal of making Xbox the ultimate solution for not only gaming but also for online TV and streaming movies. One of the key factors for success for Microsoft or any OTT provider is an appealing content library, and of course a large content library takes efficient storage.

This is why we are excited to announce that as a result of using Isilon’s solutions, Microsoft Xbox Video Marketplace can now easily handle a workload that’s expanding by hundreds of terabytes per month, eliminating the performance and scalability problems that previously slowed their growth. You can learn more about how we are helping enable growth in Microsoft’s Xbox Video Marketplace by going to this video and this case study.

If you are coming to NAB this year, be sure to stop by our booth (Booth SL8011) to see live collaborative edit and post product demos of Adobe Anywhere (hosted by our partner Tekserve) and MXFserver running on Isilon storage. You’re also invited to schedule an appointment to hear more about how our innovative solutions can help you drive efficiencies in your workfow and simplify your media environment.

We look forward to talking to you this week at NAB!


Think your edit workflow is cut out for collaboration? See what it’s about at NAB

Jeff Grassinger

Jeff Grassinger

Sales Alliance Manager

Well, it’s that time of the year again – time for the world’s largest Media & Entertainment trade event, the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB) in Las Vegas April 7th-10th!  I’m always amazed by the amount of work it takes to prepare for a show like this; design a booth, line up partners, develop our technical demos, and the list goes on. But it’s worth it to meet with our customers—whether they just recently joined or have been long time members of the EMC Isilon family!

Driving efficiencies and simplifying media environments is the drumbeat we hear in the media market. Helping media professionals by enabling collaboration and consolidating workflows has been one of the many great success stories of the Isilon storage solution and this year’s show is no exception.

We have seen tremendous growth around simplifying workflows in non-linear editing (NLE), where the need is to reduce time to air and facilitate collaboration. (Although which is the best NLE solution should probably be considered the third subject not to bring up in polite dinner conversation, along with religion and politics.) Testing each of the NLE applications in your particular editing situation and workflow seems to be the best advice to date.

We continue to see a solid following of Apple FCP7, although Adobe’s recent earnings release suggests that we are starting to see media professionals considering Adobe as a new solution for their workflows. We saw this in dramatic fashion just over a week ago in our booth at the CABSAT in Dubai, U.A.E. Matthew Gyves, Adobe’s Business Development Manager for professional video in EMEA, presented an overview of Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Anywhere. His presentation filled our booth and had people standing in the aisles asking questions.

If your workflow contains a mix of edit solutions, driving collaboration can often be a challenge. Collaboration between NLEs and moving files between these applications can be complicated, time consuming, and costly. We have partnered with collaborative editing provider FilmPartners MXFServer to enable our customers to consolidate their post-production workflows and simplify collaboration. This is something our customers and the market has been asking for over the last few years – support for Avid, Adobe and Final Cut Pro video editing collaboration on standard network file sharing protocols like SMB 2.1.

We are excited to have live demos of Adobe Anywhere (hosted by our partner Tekserve) and MXFServer running on Isilon storage featured in our NAB booth demo stations this year (Booth SL8011). So, if you are heading to NAB this year, come to our booth to see the demos from Adobe and MXFserver and we invite you to schedule an appointment to talk further about your workflow.

We look forward to talking to you soon!

Spring forward with the March 2014 EMC Isilon Solution Series

Eric Seidman

Eric Seidman

Principal Product Marketing Manager

Spring is the transitional season that is celebrated in almost every culture as a time of new possibilities. In the U.S and other countries the month of March also means advancing our clocks ahead one hour. If you’re like me, waking up that first Monday morning of daylight savings time is not so easy. Having lost an hour of precious sleep and perhaps driving to work in the dark might mean an extra-large coffee to get the day going. However, that rough first morning of spring is quickly forgotten as we enjoy the longer days of sunlight and the coming of warm, summer nights and the possibilities the change of seasons brings.

Come network with your peers over lunch in the first of the spring 2014 EMC® Isilon® Solution Series, in an informal, informational session on Isilon Scale-Out NAS. You’ll learn about innovative storage strategies on using data analytics to gain new insight that can accelerate your business, securely accessing data anywhere, from any device and maximizing cloud and third platform capabilities for greater efficiency and flexibility.

We’ll be making stops in San Jose, Los Angeles/Orange County, Denver, Boston, and Minneapolis from March 11-19. Come attend the March 2014 Isilon Solution Series and learn about the new possibilities Isilon can provide your organization.

Click on the event in your area to register and learn more. See you on the road!

Select your city
San Jose – March 11th
Los Angeles – March 12th
Denver – March 13th
Boston – March 19th
Minneapolis – March 19th 




The Berlinale International Film Festival 2014: EMC Guaranteed a First-Class Film Viewing Experience

Megha Sarathy

Megha Sarathy

Principal Product Marketing Manager

The 64th Berlin International Film Festival that took place in Berlin from February 6 to February 16, 2014 concluded on a high note. With 13 different pieces of media coverage, this was one of the most important events in the international film industry. This year, EMC was the official partner of the festival. Thanks to EMC Isilon Storage Division, all Berlinale fans were able to enjoy an exceptional film experience!

The Berlinale organizers had anticipated that more than 2,500 films would be shown during the 10-day film festival which meant that the approximately 50 Berlinale-authorized theaters needed to access the entire Berlinale film library quickly and simultaneously for film viewings. EMC made this possible by using EMC Isilon X-Series scale-out NAS solution and providing a storage capacity of over 400 terabytes. The vast amount of film data could be stored centrally and converted into digital format for the theater screenings. The following criteria were of particular importance to the Berlinale team when it came to implementing the EMC Isilon solution:

-        Speed: The EMC Isilon X-Series speeds up data-storage processes significantly thanks to SSD technology for data-system metadata and file-based memory workflows , such as HD or 3D films. EMC Isilon provided the Berlinale festival with a storage capacity of 400 terabytes for over 2,500 films.

-        Efficient operation: As soon as the EMC Isilon X-Series is installed and configured, it would be ready for use and would not require any further modifications. The multitude of film data would be stored centrally, which would then ensure that the film festival ran smoothly.

-        Flexibility and data security: The entire infrastructure was secured by the integrated backup functions.

Watch the following video to learn how EMC Isilon provided the technical expertise required to help stage this internationally recognized film festival.

Dr. Thore Rabe, Vice President of EMC Isilon EMEA emphasized: “In this age of IT transformation, the greatest challenge we face is the enormous increase in data volumes. Our simple, intelligent and scalable scale-out NAS solution delivers optimal performance and a first-class film experience, allowing visitors at the Berlinale to enjoy the new films in all their glory. We were really excited to be able to support this year’s Berlinale.”

We hope that the organizers, partners, actors and, above all, the visitors had a fantastic time!

Coming to a City Near You: Isilon Solution Series Home Directories and Syncplicity Roadshow

Although Halloween is this week, as IT professionals, your jobs shouldn’t be frightening. In the next few weeks, we are traveling across the U.S. and Canada to show you how Isilon’s Scale-Out NAS solution can help solve your scary unstructured data management and storage challenges.

We invite you to join us for our Isilon Solution Series Home Directories and Syncplicity roadshow, a series of in-person informational luncheon events kicking off on November 5th. Attendees will learn how Scale-Out NAS helps reduce costs and simplify management, increases storage efficiency, productivity and collaboration, and eliminates server sprawl. We’ll also be showcasing the Syncplicity-Isilon on-prem cloud storage solution and how it enables users to securely access any file, on any device, any time, with anyone, from anywhere. In addition, be the first to learn about the newest enhancements from the November Launch!

We hope you’ll be able to join us! You can check out what cities we’re headed to in the full schedule below and click here to register and learn more.  

Date of Event/Location/Venue Name/Venue Address

11/5/13 – Chicago, IL – Sullivan’s Steakhouse, 415 North Dearborn Street

11/5/13 – Austin, TX – Sullivan’s Steakhouse, 300 Colorado Street, Suite 200

11/5/13 – Bellevue, WA – Daniel’s Broiler, 10500 N.E. 8th

11/6/13 – McLean, VA – Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, 1960-A Chain Bridge Road

11/6/13 – Irvine, CA – Bistango, 19100 Von Karman Avenue

11/7/13 – Baltimore, MD – Sullivan’s Steakhouse, One East Pratt St. #102

11/7/13 – Columbus, OH – Smith & Wollensky, 4145 The Strand West – Easton Town Center

11/7/13 – Las Vegas, NV – Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, 8721 West Charleston Blvd.

11/7/13 – San Mateo, CA – Kingfish, 201 South B Street

11/7/13 – Calgary, AB – Teatro Ristorante, 200 – 8th Avenue SE

11/12/13 – Atlanta, GA – Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, 4501 Old Perimeter Way

11/14/13 – Houston, TX – Sullivan’s Steakhouse, 4608 Westheimer


Come See EMC Isilon Next Week at the SEG International Expo in Houston

Next week, EMC Isilon will be heading to Houston, TX to take part in The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)’s International Exposition and 83rd Annual Meeting, the world’s largest oil, energy and mineral exposition showcasing technology for use in exploration and other related industries. We are excited to be at the show and to have the opportunity to have in-depth discussions about some of our solutions. Here are a couple of brief highlights about some of the things we’ll be showcasing during the show:  

Petrel Project Snap Plug-in
EMC’s Petrel Project Snap is an Ocean plug-in that allows Petrel users to create instant snapshots of their working projects using EMC Isilon technology. This allows you to create a highly optimized, chronologically-organized library of project snapshots that can be easily restored by the Petrel user at any time. In addition, you can secure the integrity of your project data by capturing copies of project data and associated metadata on a secure storage platform. You’ll also gain important insight into your projects by being able to create a shared snapshot library across your entire Petrel user community.

Self-Service Seismic Solution
The Self-Service Seismic Solution from EMC/Wipro uses workflow automation, specialized seismic validation tools and optimized storage technology to check, load and share seismic data. The solution delivers certified seismic data to your interpreters quickly and combines business process-driven architecture with intelligent storage technology to deliver an integrated solution covering the entire seismic data lifecycle. By using this solution you can also lower your data and storage management overheads and enable workflows, processes and quality assurance business rules to be defined and automated.

Interesting discussions will be happening throughout the week at our SEG Booth, #322. Below is the presentation schedule for Monday, September 23rd – Wednesday, September 25th.

TIME (Central Time)

10:15AM-  (EMC) EMC’s Brazil Research & Development Center: Big Data Research for Oil & Gas
11:15AM – (EMC) Driving E&P Success Through Smarter Information Management
1:00PM –  (Wipro & EMC) Self Service Seismic
2:00PM –  (FUSE-IM) New Ocean Capability for Petrel
3:00PM –  (Schlumberger & Isilon) Partnering for Success
4:00PM –  (EMC) Next Generation Storage Infrastructure

If you’re headed to SEG next week, please stop by and say hello. If you are unable to make it to the event, be sure to follow us on Twitter as we will be tweeting live updates from the event all week!


Two Senior Leaders Join EMC Isilon in September

I’m excited to announce the names of two senior leaders that recently joined EMC Isilon. 

BarbaraGordon cropped photo 4_2013[1]

Barbara Gordon joined our team on September 9th as our Chief Operating Officer and will have responsibility over a wide set of operational functions. Barbara’s extensive industry experience spans multiple sales, services and business functions. She has spent the last 10 years at Microsoft leading large teams and most recently led Microsoft’s 9,500 person global Customer Service and Support (CSS) organization. Prior to her time at Microsoft, Barbara held multiple senior-level executive positions including leading worldwide sales teams for twenty years at companies such as AT&T, Digital Equipment and Sun Microsystems.

Phil Bullinger

Phil Bullinger joined our team today as our Senior Vice President (SVP) of Engineering and Operations. Phil recently worked at Oracle as their SVP of Storage where he was responsible for product planning and engineering for their SAN/NAS storage systems business. Prior to joining Oracle, Phil was the Executive Vice President and General Manager for the Engenio Storage Group, a division of LSI Corporation. His impressive 25-year career in storage spans a number of engineering and management roles from silicon to system-level products. Phil holds five patents in the fields of storage technology and integrated circuit design and has extensive insight into storage industry technologies and trends.

Both Phil and Barbara will play key roles in helping us drive future growth.

EMC Isilon at IBC: Solving Converging Storage Challenges of the M&E World

Jeff Grassinger

Jeff Grassinger

Sales Alliance Manager

As many of you know, IBC starts in Amsterdam tomorrow. It’s such an exciting and energizing event – one of my favorites in the entertainment business. With over 50,000 attendees, you can only imagine the level of energy, creativity and collaboration that happens at the event! M&E is one of the fastest changing industries, with new technologies enabling artists, designers and engineers to reach new frontiers every day. So the industry’s needs are changing, and we are changing with them. We’ll have several very important technical demos at our booth:

• Collaborative Editing – MXF Server will be showing a live multi-edit tool post production workflow.
• Atos will be showing how their Media-in-the-Cloud solutions are driving cost and complexity out of workflow and content distribution.
• Live 4k workflow demonstration – See how this new technology is changing workflows.
• Media Analytics – One of the newest areas in the M&E market is Big Data analytics. EMC Isilon will have several Hadoop specialists on hand to answer questions about Isilon’s unique Native support for the Hadoop technology.

Media professionals have spoken and across the board we are hearing that to survive in the New Media world, their media operations need to become better integrated with their business operations. This convergence is driving brand new requirements and considerations and it will likely be a smaller set of technology providers that can meet these challenges. If you are at the event, stop by our booth in Hall7.H1. We’ll be speaking with customers and industry leaders about the changes in the industry, and some best practices in implementing tools to help align business and production needs.

At the booth, we’ll also have our Data Calculator to “Weigh Your Media Data” – so if you are going or know someone who is, spread the word! We’ll also be entering booth visitors into a twice a day drawing for an Apple TV throughout all five days, so stop on by.

If you aren’t able to go, but want to follow the action, check our Facebook page for photos and videos from the event, and follow our Twitter handle (@EMCIsilon) for live updates.

See you in Amsterdam!